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Wireless Wire 60GHz Precision 300 MHD [Complete Link]




* diameter: 300mm

* extremely stable handle

* outside waterproof SFTP RJ45

* ground 4mm2 with outside screw fi 4mm

* hermetic interior with air circulation and holes for condensation

* expected range: up to 800m [PtP] or 600m [PtMP]

* expected data transfer: Link [PtP]

- up to 948/948Mbps for 200m [tested, signal 80%, PtMP]

- up to 600/600Mbps for 300m [tested, signal 80%, PtMP]

- up to 500/500Mbps for 400m [tested, signal 60%, PtMP]

- up to 400/400Mbps for 600m [tested, signal 40-60%, PtMP]

- up to 300/300Mbps for 800m [not tested yet]


All tests was done in very snowy and very windy day [660m] also in sleet [1000m].



Precision Holder PtP 60G with Complete Link Precision 300

- acid-proof steel sheet

- screws for adjusting and controlling: M8

- screws U-bolt holder: M10

The holder enables smooth and precise adjustment of the antenna:

- horizontally: 20 degrees

- vertical: 50 degrees





LINK TO SHIELD 120 SECTOR [400 meters]: